Padronização Ensaios P.I.T

Ensaio de Integridade Física
P.I.T. (Pile Integrity Testing)

Para a Padronização e Normalização de Ensaios P.I.T., sugere-se que sejam consultados os seguintes códigos, conforme a tabela abaixo:

Metodo País Referência Nome
LST,CSL Australia Australian Standar AS 2159- 1995 Piling – Design and Installation
LST,CSL China JGJ 94-94 Technical Code for Building Pile Foundation Chapter 9: Inspection and Acceptance of Pile Foundantion Engineering 9.1: Quality Inspection of Pile Installation
LST,CSL China JGJ-T 93-95 Specification for Low Strain Dynamic Testing of Piles
LST France Norme Française NFP 94-160-2
NFP 94-160 -4
Soil: investigation and testing Auscultation of buried work Method by reflection/impedance
CSL France Norme FrançaiseNFP 94-160-1 Soil: Sonic core test
LST,HST Germany DGGT Empfehlung Integritätsprü-fungen
LST,CSL UK Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Specification of Pilling
LST USA ASTM D 5882 Standard test method for low strain integrity testing of piles

Tabela: Major Standards or Codes for Pile Integrity

Nota: LST → Low Strain Dynamic Pile Integrity Testing
CST → Cross Hole Sonic Logging